Business valuation / Financial engineering

Valuation ” LINK Value ® ” (fairness opinion):

  • Business valuations relating to transactions: sales / business transfers (LBO or industrial transfers), private placements, financial partners exit
  • …and relating to corporate restructurings (assets or shares transfers, securities, etc); day-to-day management (wealth taxes value monitoring tool, stock options…)
  • Valuation of intangibles (brands & patents), securities…
  • Investment funds portfolios valuations; annually updated appraisal of company

LINKERS employs a multi-criteria approach to perform a true valuation, based on a variety of methods and tools and complimented by the firm’s proven expertise in M&A transactions.

Financial engineering:

  • Financial analysis
  • Business planning
  • Setting up of BSAs and stock-options schemes
  • Restructuring operations: mergers, spin-offs, carve-out, assets and securities transfers
  • Financial optimization of the transmission of capital
  • Personal support in any questions relating to wealth or tax issues before disposals
  • Renegotiation / implementation of a shareholders’ agreement