LINKERS offers leading fundraising advice in different contexts:

  • capital raising to finance company development and growth strategy or transmission / reclassification of blocks of shares
  • fundraising to finance leveraged operations: OBO, LBO, BIMBO…

We assist our clients on an exclusivity-basis throughout a structured and confidential search for external funding (equity, mezzanine, convertible bonds, senior debt, bonds with warrants, etc.):

  • Phase 1: documentation, strategic due diligence, financial analysis, business valuation, fundraising; preparation and delivery of an information memorandum (IM)
  • Phase 2: selection of qualified investors according to the specific criteria agreed with our client; organization of meetings and on-site visits, negotiation and collection of letters of intent (LOI)
  • Phase 3: set up and management of the data room, monitoring and coordination of due diligence; finalization of the legal and financial negotiations; managment of the full process and coordination of client advisories up to the closing (protocols, shareholders’ agreements, management packages…)

A fundraising advisory mission is usually paid by:

  • fixed fees
  • success fees proportional to the amount of funds raised


Book written by Philippe DELECOURT, managing partner and founder of LINKERS: « Ouvrir son capital et garder le pouvoir » (translation : how to share capital without losing control) – Ed DUNOD, 1993

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