LINKERS set up a specialized team having a major expertise in the sectors of New Technologies and Information Technology: Internet, gaming, IT services, software…

The dedicated LINKERS team combines an in-depth sector expertise with an entrepreneurial approach to advice clients such  young and innovative companies, small and medium size companies specialized in IT – TMT in their corporate finance operations:

  • Disposals: partial cash buy-outs for industrial and investment funds
  • Fundraising: capital stock, mezzanine and debt) at all stages of a company’s development (start-up, risk, development)
  • Acquisition: external growth transactions, search for target companies, negotiation, financial packages
  • Strategy consulting services: restructuring, Business Plan, business valuation, partnerships

LINKERS IT enjoys the support of a global network of experts in M&A, located in 45 countries to provide the best support to its clients with their cross border operations.

More than 100 operations were performed by LINKERS IT team in different new technologies sectors.


LINKERS IT partners have advised some following operations:

  • the sale of to Maus group (CH), to Figaro group, Tisys to Ultra Electronics group (U.K.), to Nacel, Auditec to IP-Label, Econocom Switzerland, to Prisma Presse…
  • the acquisitions completed by 118 000, Elcimaï Group, Wedia, the acquisition of Hyperassur by Metlife
  • the fundraising for,, TCMC, Eona, Acropolis Telecom, Steek, MCTel